Clear stamps, 8 st texter till olika tillfällen, 21x15 cm

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Transparenta silicon stämplar av hög kvalitet med en självhäftande sida. Detta kit innehåller 8 st stämplar med text.
Storlek: 210x150x3 mm.
Dessa genomskinliga stämplar är mycket lätta att placera helt korrekt, eftersom man ser igenom dem.
Används tillsammans med stämpelfärg och "akrylblock" - en tjock plastskiva (färg o block säljer inte vi, men finns på de flesta hobbybutiker).

Till DIY scrapbooking, kortmakeri, dekoration av fotoalbum m.m.

Texterna på dessa 8 st olika stämplar;
Nr. 1. "Wherever I am, whatever I do, I'm truly happy when I'm with you"

Nr. 2. "Happy Birthday to you! On this special day may the warmest of wishes all come your way!"

Nr. 3. "This crafted card, handmade with love created just for you is sent to wish you happiness in everything you do"

Nr. 4. "For two very special people. A wish for you today, for a forever kind of love that will never fade away"

Nr. 5. "Someone special, someone kind you're the one who comes in mind. Just to say a big thank you for all the lovely things you do"

Nr. 6. "There's nothing like a BABY so loveable and sweet, to make a family HAPPY and to make a home complete"

Nr. 7. "Those we love can never be more than a thought away For as long as there´s a memory they live in our hearts to stay"

Nr. 8. "To a lovely friend on your special day, wishing you happiness in every way"